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A Few Testimonials
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Laura is kind, thoughtful and creative. I've enjoyed my workouts with her immensely. She pushes you just enough while always maintaining a good attitude. She's been very flexible and generous with my difficult schedule, as well! She's extremely creative with the workouts that we do at home without full gym equipment and really knows all aspects about fitness and health.

Laura is one of the best trainers I’ve ever worked with. She has always encouraged me and been my biggest motivator when I was down and depressed about my myself. She truly is more than just a trainer and really does help you understand your body’s needs both physically and mentally. (Read)

Sunita B.

Laura is always supportive, kind, and challenging. She knows that being healthy is more than going to the gym and always has such a comprehensive view to health and wellness. She treats everyone with such care and pushes you in the gym, but also listens when things need changing or life just happens. She’s the best - a great trainer and has become an even better friend. (Read)

Katie D.

Laura is the most miraculous person and trainer for more reasons than I can list here. Her unwavering dedication and attention to each and every one of my fitness needs made me the strongest, most capable, and most confident I have ever been. She also has become a valued friend and knows when to push me whenever I feel like I am in a rut both physically and emotionally. (Read)

Hired this wonderwoman back in April to help get ready for my wedding! I'm such a procrastinator so needed someone to whip me into shape FAST. Such a great investment. I was online client and came in once a month for an assessment and tracking. Her gym is so cool and has a lot of equipment and tools. My favorite was the InBody machine tracking, which shows your body fat percentage and actual pounds of how much fat is in your body. Her online program is really interactive and she's the best trainer I could have asked for. (Read)

Zuri O.

She helped me learn how to workout on my own, which is what I was looking for to begin with. I don't have the budget to hire a trainer for every week, so she suggested something else. What she calls "educational sessions" where she actually teaches you what she knows or what you ask her about. We did workouts and she quizzed me on correct form and cues for working out. Laura's an amazing teacher and I feel confident to work out on my own now. (Read)

Andrew, Actor (LA)

Laura has been great to work with. Our company hired her to train our actors for film, and she has done a great job getting them prepared in time for filming. She is timely, very smart and kind. Laura has worked with various types of people on our sets, and adapts to their individual personalities and needs effortlessly. We highly recommend her services. (Read)

Hayley S.

I had a goal of losing 50 pounds and Laura helped me lose it. It took 11 months, but that's because I wasn't fully dedicated at the beginning. Going into training, you need to realize that you have to be 100% ready to make a change. I made the mistake of putting all of my accountability onto other people in my life, which is why I hit a plateau in the beginning. I didn't want to change my diet or my lifestyle. But Laura kept it real with me and made sure that I was following through with my goals outside of our sessions as well as working hard during our sessions. (Read)

Emily M.

Through this process, she has helped me with nutrition and helped me stay active on days that I didn't see her. The training has been great and it's actually really fun! As of today, I have lost 37 pounds and counting! She has helped change my life and I am so grateful to her for educating me and pushing me beyond my limits. You won't be wasting your time or money if you decide to train with Laura. (Read)

Georgie, Actress (LA)

I could not recommend Laura more highly! Working with her has been incredibly engaging, challenging, rewarding, and has completely changed my entire relationship to fitness. I’ve done training sessions three times a week for the past year and a half, and in that time I’ve become much stronger, leaner, and more confident, but I’ve also sincerely enjoyed exercise for the first time in my life, thanks to workouts that are constantly changing to keep pushing me a little harder than I think is possible. (Read)

Kyra L.

Laura is the best trainer I've ever had! Not only does she tailor my workouts to help me hit my fitness goals, but also tracks my performance and progress. My schedule is always changing and she always makes time for me so that I stay consistent. Can't recommend her enough!

Jaime, Lawyer (LA)

My fear was that it would be too intense from the start and I would get frustrated early on in the program and get discouraged and want to quit. That never happened. The build up was gradual enough that I starting seeing the benefits of my work after a few weeks, while reaching small, but significant goals on the way.  After the first year, I lost almost 60 lbs and am in the best shape I've been in the past 20 years. She challenges me every week while making the workouts fun and something I look forward to. It's not the same thing every session and I think that's the key.

Henk D.

Testimonials: Testimonials

I have had many trainers in the past but she truly challenged me compared to my previous trainers. I was constantly sweating and was very happy with my results. Not only is she a great trainer she has a great personality which makes it more of an enjoyable experience. I am looking forward to having more training sessions with Lo! (Read)

Ehsan S.

She PUSHES YOU HARD, but is also so motivating, which makes you want to not only prove to her but to yourself that you can do it. After the sweaty 1 hour session, she then set me up with the personal trainer app "Trainerize" which she would update every week with excercises to do at home when we weren't able to meet in person. This was awesome! I was able to follow step by step, personalized excercises from the comfort of my living room or apartment gym. There was even a meal plan tab that she sets up with your own personal dietary recommendations. (Read)

Megan S.

Laura was my personal trainer for quite a few months and I noticed a great change in how I looked and felt. Always on time and also able to offer diet tips and tricks. She is very encouraging and really pushed me through workouts when I would have liked to give up. I had some previous injuries that she was able to work around and even called my physical therapist to work out a plan that would work best for my body.

Emma M.

I've been training with Laura since July. I came to her with really bad posture that was starting to have a negative effect on my body. I was having back pain and couldn't figure out why. On our first few training sessions, she did assessments and pinpointed where the problems were! We worked a lot on strengthening my core and stretching the muscles that were tight. As of now, my posture is a lot better and I feel much more confident so now we're working towards flexibility training. She's really great at explaining things and she's helpful around the clock. There's a lot of trainers in Los Angeles just trying to make some extra cash, but you can tell she really cares about her clients.

Julian, Actor (LA)

Really the only person keeping me on track with my fitness goals. Laura has always taken the time to get to know me, my schedule and my work life and worked out the best ways to work with me to reach my targets. She is extremely knowledgeable and doesn't just come in with a set routine in mind but watches my body and corrects any problems to prevent injury. Could not recommend her more highly

Rob (FYT)

Laura is a great trainer and if it weren't for her, I still wouldn't be working out. And by still I mean, the last 30 years of my life. She's actually made it enjoyable and keeps me motivated even when I have zero desire to keep going. She knows exactly what she's doing, the main reason I signed up with her is because I have severe whiplash from a car accident and needed to get my neck, shoulders and back into a comfortable state again. She knows exactly how far to push me without causing more injuries and has helped me gain more movement in my neck. Don't know what I'd do without her!

Naz Taghavi, Industry (LA)

Laura challenges you and is very supportive. She won't let you use excuses to get in your own way but she won't push you for the sake of completing a program she wrote. She reminds you how strong you are. She teaches you how to use your breath and leverage small movements to progress further. Training with her is fun -- she made me look forward to going to the gym and getting a butt kicking from her!

Heddy N.

I've worked with people in the past and it was the same old thing every workout and that got old QUICK. Literally straight BASURA. But Laura, she keeps it FRESH! as someone who has taught fitness in the past I thought I knew it all but Laura showed me REAL quick that that wasn't true.
She's kind, encouraging, knowledgeable, and everything else you need in a trainer. She meets you where you are and pushes you in a safe manner. Listen, if you have injuries she's cognizant of how to get you stronger without compromising your body. She's literally the best and genuinely interested in your success. I am so grateful I stumbled upon her.


I've been training with Laura now for about 4 months. Not being a naturally athletic person I was nervous to start working with a trainer, but Laura put me at ease during our first consultation call. She's always encouraging, thoughtful, and puts a ton of time and effort into putting together a tailored training plan - seriously above and beyond. Laura has helped me gain strength and endurance, but more importantly better self confidence. I'm so happy I decided to work with Laura and wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for training.

Rachel C.

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